These hobbyists convert gasoline-powered motorcycles into e-bikes


Riders usually frown at the sight of electric-powered motorbikes or e-bikes, which they deem as mere novelties that are miles away from the real rides. And it is true to some extent, given the kind of e-bikes that have made it to our shores earlier. You know, the kind that you can outrun with your own two feet.

But some e-bikes nowadays are more powerful and good-looking as well. Not all of these great electric bikes are created by big motorcycle companies. Some of them are actually creations of ingenious guys who want an alternative mode of transportation.

It’s about time you guys know about Apocalypse Custom Electric Motorcycles. A brainchild of entrepreneurial rider Gabriel Yeung, partner-rider Mon Pineda and mechanic-rider Harry Dela Peña, Apocalypse customizes e-bikes inside a Pasay City garage.

Credits: TopGear Philippines
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