EBP: Unexpected good things are the best!


I never thought that I would come this far to this organization-EBP. Im happy and contented of being an active member and a support staff of the group. Facilitating an EB is a mixed emotion,. This first EB as a moderator is trully remarkable.

Another successful EB of Camanava-Nova was held last night, November 10,2018 attendees are unexpected in number. Also attendees from other chapters are commendable. Group’s goal and aspirations continue to live on.

The presence of the EBP President-Vin Salinas, Manila Chapter admin- Khristoffer Aquino, and Camanava-Nova pillar Cez Morales, made the event more powerful.
Thanks Camanava-Nova admin Wangyu Ang for the full support.

Thanks to each and every attendees especially representatives of Taguig Chapter who travelled all the way to Valenzuela
One EBP, One Heart.

–Lheigh, EBP Moderator




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