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A Look Into EBP CAMANA-NOVA’s Post-Valentine EB


With the recent uproar on the biased reports of ABS-CBN regarding eBikes, eBikers Philipines’ (EBP) admins have been doubling their efforts in educating their members.  Eyeballs (EB) are being held left and right in various chapters.  This is not only to refresh members about road laws and policies but also to give out written exams to EBP novelty plate aspirants.  One of the chapters who did this recently was EBP CAMANA-NOVA.

Headed by Abigael Perete,  EBP CAMANA-NOVA announced its post-valentines EB a few days before the February 18, 2018.

Preparations were made by some of the members.  Moderator Nelson Fabio made sure that the event was well announced on our FB pages.  “Wangyu” sponsored the prizes for the four members who would top the exam.

Joel  Teodoro printed the examination forms and brought the drinks for the event.  Abigael Perete coordinated with Hamsun staff wherein most of  them are also members of EBP.

Hamsun eVehicles Inc.  was more than willing to share one of their branches in Valenzuela as the venue for the said EB.  Not only that, Hamsun also sponsored the food for the event and even rented chairs for everyone.  Sir Sonny of Hamsun was there to make sure everything will go smoothly for EBP members.


As such, we can say that Hamsun’s overwhelming support for EBP made the event such a huge success and we are deeply indebted to them as always.

Onto the day of the event.  There were a few early birds on the site although the call time is 6 pm.  New faces also came like Joel Jude and Jayson with their shining new M3 and Blitz respectively.  Members started coming in and the venue was slowly filled with people.

The event was also graced by admins from other chapters.  Admin Carl of Mandaluyong Chapter and Admin Cez Morales of Valenuzuela Chapter were there and so was the omni-Admin and President of EBP Vin Salinas.  It was unfortuante though that Admin Cez cannot stay for long due to some personal obligations.

Members mingled with each other sharing technical knowledge and jokes alike.

At around 7:30 pm, Admin Abby started the program proper.   New members were introduced and welcomed to the chapter.  The chapter’s team rosters were introduced and future plans for trainings and other events were announced as well. After a few speech from the Admins, the examination started.

30 minutes thereafter, almost everybody was finished and the admins started checking the papers and tallied the scores.

Surprisingly, 3 people tied for first place with 40 points and so a raffle was made as to who will get the first, second, and third prize.  Lovely Goleña, Emz Fortes, Sai Daor got the prize for first, second, and third place respectively while Mark Mendoza sat uncontested at 4th place with 37 points since Wangyu was automatically disqualified for the prize being the sponsor himself.

And so the day ended after giving out the prizes.  Members bade each other goodbyes with smiles on their faces.  The Euphoria of passing the exam having yet to fade.

As I was observing from the back, some thoughts dawn on me…  EBP is not just an FB group.  When you see people together, you may call them a group but when you see people laughing together, caring for each other, loving each other…  that is not just a group.  That is what I call a family.  I guess I found my second family without even knowing it and I don’t think I can let go of this one.   EBP truly is a place I can call a second home.


— Joel Teodoro EBP#791

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