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Interview with Custom Electric Motorcycle builder Gabriel from Apocalypse Custom Electric Motorcycles

Evnerds: Anybody making electric motorcycles is not a regular person in our opinion. Whats your story? Why you decided to build your own, what is your day job?

Gabriel: It all began when I bought one of those regular 350w Chinese mopeds a couple of years back, and by being 6’0 flat, my knees would hit the handlebars whenever I try to steer. Everything in the Philippine market back then was “Asian sized” – aka small. And slow. And had crap range. A long list of negatives. So I said to myself: “Why not build one fit my expectations?” And so my foray into custom builds began.

My day job? I used to be a graphic designer in an advertising agency, then decided to go full time into the whole e-motorcycle-building business which is now Apocalypse Custom Electric Motorcycles.

Evnerds: Proof that size matters:) Very happy for you man!

Evnerds: You live in the Philippines, tell us more about the electric motorcycle and electric vehicles in general in the Philippines. What are the regulations there?

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