Arnold Wagner is a pioneer, constructor, inventor and called “the father” of modern Cabin-Motorcycles. He started designing and building (and selling !) his Ecomobile-, MonoTracer- & now MonoRacer Cabin-Motorcycles in 1980 at his Peraves AG factory in Switzerland, from 1993 onwards together with Gustav Procházka.

Nearly 200 vehicles have been produced and sold worldwide. In 2010 we built 2 E-Tracer-machines, using AC-Propulsion-motors of the TESLA Roadster instead of the BMW K1200 Motorcycle engine and won the US-XPRIZE and 2,5 Mio. $ in the “Tandem 2 Seater Class” with up to 287 MPGe, by far best value of all 3 competing classes.

A MonoTracer is essentially an ‘enclosed motorcycle’. It has “landing gear” that is brought down to stabilize the vehicle when it stops or is at slow speeds. Once going, the operator retracts the gear, and the MonoTracer can lean up to 52 degrees in a turn. The MonoTracer is built using a monocoque construction design, and fabricated with a very strong Kevlar®, carbon fiber, and fiberglass composite material.

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