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March 5, 2021 Cloud9 360 Mountain View, Antipolo City, Rizal Raz Vee – Taguig Chapter Admin (EBP 795) Anthony Chungs – Makati Chapter Admin (EBP 796) Lyn Roble – Aspirant Makati Chapter John Carlo Catacutan – Aspirant Makati Chapter Abraham Villamin – Pasig


It all started one night (March 4, 2021) when we are at EBP Makati Admin Anthony Chungs place. At our usual hang out place, We were talking about this spot that we saw from our fellow ebikers who went there and started joking to go there asap in the morning since we are all charging our units and only have 3hrs allowance left to have our units fully charged yet all did agree to go. We did not planned the ride unlike the things we do on our usual ride and official ride preparations, which includes: Route Planning, Charging Points, Backup Charging Points, Itineraries, Rideout Time and especially Charging Time.


(4:00 am) Gear Up and Rideout! Medyo na-late ng rideout 4:53am dahil hindi pa full charged yung isang unit 😂 So far ride went smooth no traffic from makati to pasig (11kms), exactly 5:27am we arrived at Puregold DeCastro Pasig to meet Abraham Villamin (BamberMan Ebike Vlogs) for our charging point before going up to antipolo.

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(6:00am) Still no response from our first charging point (Sarap pa ng tulog niya 🤣🤣) We started to look up on each of our friends list who are near the area for a backup charging place. Suddenly our Lady eBiker Maam Lyn found someone who is near our location it was her previous customer and later to find out that it was the brother of our original charging point (Abraham’s Place) 🤣

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We Charged for 2hrs using a Dual Charge setup, it’s basically 2 chargers for 1 unit to have your unit full in half the time. We don’t recommend that for daily use. It’s only for emergency or ride use only when you need less time to fully charge your unit.

8:20am Rideout at Puregold Pasig going to Antipolo heavy traffic has faced us because of the rush hour, we Arrived at Cloud 9 360view Antipolo by 9:16am 11kms from Puregold De Castro, we parked our units at the parking area and have to walk 100meters of steep road to go to the main entrance of the hanging bridge.

Exactly 10:00am we have arrived at the top of the view deck, The view was super great! Specially with a clear and sunny weather from Laguna de Bay to MetroManila Highrise Buildings to Rizal Mountains. All sides were super awesome to look at.

The height of the tower and the hanging bridge wasnt that enjoyable for people with fear of heights and that’s why 1 of us took too long to get up in the view deck, Let’s just hide him under the name, Anthony. 🤣🤣🤣

11:00am We decided to call it a day and go back to our units and rode out. Special thanks to Abraham for letting us charge and for guiding us going to Cloud9. The ride isnt possible without your help. 11:50am we arrived at Anthony Chungs’ place and took a rest and I have to charge my unit and my body for me to get back home at Laguna.

Thankfully all of us are safe all day and no problems occured at our units. It was trully an enjoyable day and unforgetable experience down on memory lane 😊

Video Link: (Courtesy of BamberMan eBike Vlogzz) https://youtu.be/bitoK963ZIU

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Raz Vee Admin – Taguig Chapter

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