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EBP Camanava-Nova Christmas Party 2018


“Gift of time and love are surely the basic ingredients if a trully merry Christmas” – Peg Bracken


Gifts of time, love, happiness and prizes poured to each and every eBiker during the recently concluded EBP Camanava-Nova Christmas Party 2018 held last December 16 at Pacheco Village, Balubaran, Valenzuela City.

The said event was a success! Joys and laughthers filled the day and the hearts of each and every attendees. As the common hashtag of the chapter- #OneEBP, participants from other supportive chapters – Pasig, Bulacan, Taguig, Manila and Quezon City made the event more meaningful. EBP South Side’s support is also highly appreciated. Presence of the EBP Founder Sir Jeco Santos and EBP President Vin Salinas made the event a powerhouse!

We, the Camanava-Nova Chapter Admin and Moderator, would like to send our deepest and sincerest gratitude for all the support, love and generosity of each of the members and sponsors of the event.

Thank you Gxsun, Double D, 888Street, RFM, Cdr-King, u-Go, Hamsun, Vruzend Philippines, Bernie, Macoy, MJ, Lovely, Boss Motiks and Boss Jeco for your generosity. We are grateful to have you!


Thank you for the love. EBP is Family. Family is Love. EBP is Love!

-Admin Wangyu Ang
-Moderator Lheigh SJ


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