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EBP Manila Chapter meet-ups


Total strangers, not! – May 27 & June 3, 2017. Even on rainy nights, the EBP Manila chapter held their regular weekly meets near MOA and at the Luneta Grandstand respectively. With the usual introductions of each one, they enjoyed the evening with talks about our common interests like e-bikes and upgrades & customizing.

By their good hearts, everybody pitched in for whatever they can bring, they had some foods and drinks prepared to share with everyone. With members from other chapters, they reviewed the hand and foot signalling and practiced them on their way to CCP.

We can only hope and pray that all the people of our nation can be as one, united for a common interest as our small group EBP, for peace and prosperity.

Near MOA

Attendance (May 27):
1.Kriszel Lejarde 648#
2.Chester Will Meniano 648#
3.Niño Pabilona
4.Jefferson Edroso 587#
5.joem sanico 608#
6.danwell aspirant
7.Vhanjo Caliwliw aspirant
8.Emman Skeptron aspirant
9.john david Rallama aspirant
10.amy alegarbes aspirant
11.Nelson Fabio aspirant
12. Juanito Javier Aleonar aspirant
13.carl nikko santos aspirant
14.wards medula aspirant

Kristoffer Laurente Aquino

Del Lanot
Carl palaroan
Arjay Malhabour

At the Luneta Grandstand.


Attendance (June 3):
Bernadette Diangson – aspirant
Abraham Chanco – aspirant
Vhanjo Caliwliw – aspirant
Darius Marco – aspirant
Roben Boy Espinosa – aspirant
Ferdinand Moncawe – aspirant
Mark Kurosawa #701
Kean Ronell Armamento – aspirant
Aeric Edralin – aspirant
John David Rallama – aspirant
Jomar Ayunar – aspirant
Angel Ace Lovino – aspirant
Juanito Aleonar – aspirant
Enrico Natividad – aspirant
Mark Tabora – #147
James Vincent Pantaleon – aspirant
Billy Engle III – aspirant
Carl Nikko Santos #717
Dennis McKay – aspirant
Wardz Medula – aspirant
Jayson Robles -aspirant
Marvin Laurente – aspirant
Kriszel Lejarde #648
Chester Will Meniano #648
Gerald Absalon

Kristoffer Laurente Aquino
Ynel Pasia

Arjay Malhabour
Del Lanot
Carl Palaroan

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