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EBP Taguig Chapter Grand EB


22 July 2018 – Even the lined up storm and flooded streets didn’t stop these ebikers from celebrating their chapter’s founding day. With all the support from the chapter admins and mods, generous sponsors, supporters and participants, the event was a success.

Congratulations to the organizers, admins, mods, and all participants! EBP is very much thankful for this initiative to make an active and lively Taguig chapter event.



Its a successful Grand Eb of Taguig chapter!

Maraming maraming salamat sa mga umattend sa grand eb ng taguig chap sa mga member ng Taguig chap at lalu na sa mga malalayo from caloocan, manila, parañaque, laguna and cavite ..

And special mention sa mga nag sponsor ng mga pa raffle para sa Taguig Chap.. hindi namin magagawa o makukumpleto kung wala kayo.. thanks to sir and maam Lhyle Gerrie Colette Pajara and Jesar Quiboy of #StopNgo Froilan of #Fladd, Kristoffer Laurente Aquino of #Bauman , Harry Cabigas Dela Pena of #Apocalypse , Dannie Arguelles, Rham Mendez, Ramil Cabrera, Mark Deski, Paul Ipsagel , Bernie Lucente, Jun Ren,

And ofcourse sa R. I. T. Family

Jayson Dawal Procillo, @ramil cabrera Chelyn Mae Oribe Auditor, Flodakram Rotidua, John Paul Santos, Erik ZweatyParty, Ian KuroYozora Talla, Ern Est, Benjohn Castillo, Raz Vee Velasquez sa pag manage ng ebike show, and to my wife Yvaine Eury

Congrats din sa mga nakapasa sa exam, nanalo sa raffle and nanalo sa ebike show.. till next Grand eb.. uulitin ulit natin to.. this year.. soon

once again, thank you so much

— Dan Well


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