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Even with the unforgiving heat of summer, EBP members cruised their way to EBP Pasig Chapter’s group meet last April 15th, held at one of our very generous sponsor 888Street Electric Ebikes. Members from nearby chapters as far as CAMANAVA-NOVA chapter have eagerly participated.

Hosted by moderator Mark Dan Raboy, the group tackled the basics in traffic rules, road signs and road markings. Together with admin Jeco, the group also discussed the basic tools we must have in our travel, like the multi-tester which can be a very handy tool to have in-case our rides breaks down in the middle of our journey. With 888Street’s head technician Arvin Aguilar (aka Barnel), basic troubleshooting was briefly discussed in line with the basic tools discussion.

Our generous host mam Mary of 888Street Ebikes have even prepared Italian soup, especial Carbonara and drinks for the participants, other members also chipped in for the foods and drinks, happy kids we are 🙂 . In between discussions and at the end, raffle prizes were given away from moderator Mark and from 888Street. Most went home with filled tummy and with raffle prizes in hand.

Thank you all for participating and for your support.

Ride safely EBP!

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