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First ever E-bike race event!!


Indeed! February 26, 2023 was a history in the making. The first ever e-bike race was held before the month of love ended. Organized by Inside Racing Nation, this remarkable event was held at Malolos Sports & Convention Center. They’ve added e-bike race category as one of the classes and many of our members in EBP have joined the race and there was also an e-bike show which showcases awesome e-bike builds from the members of our community.



After some trial runs and elimination race in the early Sunday morning, the final race proves to be a real adrenalin filled moment when all the participants race against each other and aiming for the trophy prize that awaits them at the finish line. The squealing sound and smell of burning tires are all over the place, not to mention the screaming of the fans and supporters for their favorite racers.

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At the end of the day there will only be one winner, and from the team RFM Electric drive emerges as the victor after overlapping the others, Russel Jarlego won the first ever e-bike race! Followed by Kervie Bergania as 2nd and Paul Michael Legaspi 3rd.

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Check out the final race in the link below –


The e-bike show also proved to be a showstopper. Members of the Ebikers Philippines community proudly shared their creativity and interest on the trending electric vehicles. From all forms they came, classic e-bikes to bobber cruiser and in between.

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The winners in the Inside Racing 1st e-bike show were 1. John Philip Handig,
2. Mon Villota, 3. Alexander Matias, 4. Ronald Mata, 5. John Paul Santiago

We are very much delighted that this kind of event have taken place, and are hoping it will continue to thrive and develop into a regular event that is very much awaited for by many EV enthusiast.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Mabuhay and safe ride!


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