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Kaybiang Tunnel, South’s E-bikers Dream Ride


Every E-bikers would say Kaybiang Tunnel is in their bucket list. What was once just impossible is now conquered and enjoyed by few South E-bikers. The longest road tunnel in the Philippines that connects Batangas and Cavite with 300meters stretch located in Marigondon.

We drove to Tagaytay and Lemery Batangas but when we had enough, we look for something more challenging in the south. The excitement was felt way before conquering the tunnel, on the very 1st day of conceptualizing the ride. Gerald Absalon came in to my mind for he was the 1st of the few ebikers who took the Kaybian Challenge. I asked him to help us plotting the charging point for the ride, with JP Handig as the Starting/Charging Point and Spear Head of the ride with the supervision of ESS Head Admin Lyndon Santos, without any hesitation we set the date and formally created the Kaybian Tunnel Boys group chat and invited friends who are up to the challenge and on Jan 14, 2018 our 1st Long Ride to Kaybian took place. Eight fellow ebikers who are member of Ebikers South Side Family and Ebikers Philippines namely: JP Handing , Rham , Janrie, Gerald, Manuel, Andrew, Paul and Roljon had share the time of our life for such overwhelming feelings and a sense of achievement. Our Ebike made it, Yes! and was able to traverse the unthinkable up hill and downhill of Ternate Cavite, which only Motorcycle can do before. Adding to the experience was the magnetic hill and the nature’s beauty of Mt. Palaylay.

The Ecstasy of the Kaybiang ride didn’t end there. On Jan 27, 2018 the 2nd Kaybian Challenge transpired. Eventhough the weather is not permissive, it didn’t stop us to push through with our plan. Officially it was convened with ESS Admin Louie Cruz with the rest of team and inclusion of JP Elicana and Jornald as new to Kaybian. Jinx along the way was common but with our will and drive to cross the tunnel again, we made it.

This time we tried to cross the stretch of the tunnel and had the glimpse of overlooking scenery over Patungan Cove. Blue Ocean scenery was so inspiring; lookout point down the tunnel is where you can park and enjoy the scenic coast.

Who can forget Machan Food Haus, with their very friendly and accommodating staff. The unli egg soup and for the reasonable charging fee and delicious makabayan food. Machan is now considered to be Ebikers Head Quarters to Kaybian Ride.

No words can express the feelings, the beauty of nature and the bonding of ebike brotherhood. We will be back for sure… come and join us…
~ Kaybiang Loop 2018 ~

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