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Novelty Plate

Novelty Plate

For EBP Group Novelty Plate Request, please read below requirements.

1-If all requirements below are completed, you may request for an EBP plate.

EBP Member Roster here –


For our novelty plate, number will correspond to your number in our roster.

Here are the requirements:

  1. You must own an e-bike, e-scoot or e-mc.
  2. You must own a helmet and wear it when riding.
  3. Must be an EBP Main Page member for at least 1 month.
  4. Must have an average of 20 on-topic posts or comments per week since joining.
  5. Must have attended atleast two (2) official meetings with other EBP members accompanied by an EBP admin.
  6. Must present any Government or School ID with photo, full name and address indicated (ID scanned image or photographed) will only be sent to admin Jeco and not to be posted in the main page)
  7. Post your request in our EBP main page with photo of your e-bike, brand and specs, own helmet, and name you want in your plate number. Then PM me the same requirements (Jeco).

Be ready to be asked for the passwords.

Plate number will correspond to your number in our roster. Only JPEG file of the plate will be provided, you will be responsible for the printing & lamination.

By accepting this novelty plate, you wholeheartedly agree that whoever rides your e-bike/e-scoot/e-MC must wear a helmet, including back-rides, and must follow traffic laws at all times. Your safety is our main concern. Violation of this, 1st offense will be given a warning, 2nd offense will be banned from the group and EBP plate will be stripped off. Thank you.

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