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Unboxing and Initial Review of Chilwee Graphene Batteries by Edgar Gonzales Lopez

Bought a set of 13.1AH Graphene SLA with Free charger from Hamsun @4.8k
At dahil meron ako membership card mayroon pa akong discount na 5{0cee4c19df97ef25b5e1f91d4817f4de43daceb9d9331ebfbeaa6d600ebbc9f0}. Kung member kayo ng EBP, ipakita lamang po sa kanila ang inyong plate kung mag avail kayo.

Isa sa nagustuhan ko sa 13.1ah nila ay screw type ang terminals. No more hinang.
Yung weight is as indicated sa manual. Yung voltage ng pack na nakuha ko ay 13v lahat.
Test drive after installation. I compared the graphene batts to my other set of 12ah batts (1 week old) of a different brand, there seems to be no difference in power. What I noticed is the difference in voltage where the graphene batteries seems to hold more energy having 1 volt higher after a 2km ride.

This is good news. This is the first time I experienced a lead acid battery charger that actually “cuts off” when the batteries are full. 0 amps at 59.5v. Plug and forget? Finally! Good job, Hamsun!

Started from a resting voltage of 54.5v then ran 12km with hilly roads on full throttle. It went down to 50v. Again, this is a set of 13.1ah at 48v. Charging started at exactly 4:30pm. Charging completed at exactly 9PM. A total of 4 hours and 30 minutes for the cycle. Is the duration same with most SLAs? I believe so. Are these supposed to charge faster? I don’t know. I didn’t see this in the manual nor in Chilwee’s website.

I still have several testing scenarios in mind but it will take time. For now, this is the end of my short feedback re Chilwee’s Graphene SLA. I hope everyone find these info useful.

Happy weekend everyone!

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