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Water-proofing, and basic ebike trouble-shooting


Sooner or later, even the most expensive ebike can have a minor glitch. The problem is that…right now there aren’t a lot of ebike mechanics out there. If you have a factory turn-key ebike, they might be able to give you some advice from an email, or over the phone. And if you bought it from an ebike store? (and it’s still under warranty), they might even fix it for you. However, for a lot of new ebikers, the emails and phone calls will end with the other side saying that this time…they just don’t know what the problem is.

This article will NOT turn you into an ebike repair expert, but…it might help you identify some common and basic issues, and either fix them, or…maybe even avoid them.


Basic trouble-shooting and also water-proofing of your ebike when the rainy season comes is something we’ve needed to write about for a long time. Well, that time has arrived, and we will expand this article as more information comes in. If this article becomes big enough (over time) we will break it into two parts (trouble-shooting vs water-proofing), but right now we need to get as much of this information out to our readers as soon as possible, instead of waiting until every part is perfect.

The basic trouble-shooting starter kit I am recommending is to have a spare throttle, a small back-up sensorless controller, and a Digital Multi-Meter (DMM). Over time, you will accumulate more tools, but this will give you a good start.

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